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Price list

Type of repair Type of record Remarks Price in Euro
Crackles basic Any recording automatic removal, individual parameters, max. running time 50 minutes 9.95
Crackles and Clicks
Vinyl record single album automatic removal with individual parameter settings
maximum running time of 2 sides combined 50 minutes
sibilance reduction and scratch repair will be charged additionally
Vinyl record double album 29.95
Vinyl record triple album 34.95
Vinyl record quadruple album 39.95
Vinyl record 5 singles in 1 recording 29.95
Sibilance Vinyl record price is additional per vinyl record (single album) + 5.00
Scratches Vinyl record manual repair after checking through your audio on request
Meta-Tags Vinyl record (all types) added manually if available online (you may provide us with your preferred name tags) included*

* for vinyl records only, not available for Crackles basic repair

Please note

Crackles and Clicks will be removed automatically over the entire length of your recording
Parameters are always set manually to best fit your audio recording
Other repairs such as Sibilance and Scratch removal is manually done at additional cost
For scratch removal we will analyze your audio recording and quote the required effort, as removing scratches depends on the location in your audio
Submitting audio and receiving one song is free. For Crackles basic repair you will receive approximately 4 minutes of repaired audio.
After approval of the free song you must purchase the repair to obtain the remaining songs
All songs will be provided with meta-tags (except for Crackles basic repair)
We will not reimburse if you are not happy with the result. Please download and check the free song before making any purchase.
Invoicing and payment is not handled through the website. When the free song is ready you will receive an email with payment instructions for purchasing the entire audio.


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