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Submit audio

Good to know

  • You must be logged in to submit and register audio (Log in or create an account here)
  • Please note that account logins must be protected with 2 Factor Authentication for your safety and protection against data theft (check the FAQ for quidance)
  • The maximum file size for uploads is 4GB
  • Audio files which are not compressed or which are compressed lossless can be uploaded (aup3, wav, flac, alac)
  • Uploaded files will usually be deleted if audio is not registered within 1 day, within 7 days after restored audio files have been created, and no later than 30 days after upload
  • All restored audio files will be available here for download once they have been created
  • You can drag & drop files from your desktop on this webpage (check the FAQ for browser support)


You have now two choices for protecting your login with 2-Factor-Authentication. Find out more in the FAQ section or read the Workflow.



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