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“After my departure from corporate life I started to look after my hobbies which had to stay behind for such a long time. One of these hobbies is collecting analog and digital music, I'm probably old school in this regard. I do occasionally listen to music from streaming services, but there is nothing more satisfying than sitting in my living room and listening to my own physical records, music I hold so dear and which I enjoy playing over and over again. Do I believe it sounds different when music is played from a turntable with a good stylus? Oh yes!”


Digital Audio from Vinyl
we do this with the passion of a hobby and the professionalism you expect from our services

After graduating the Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich Bernard started his professional career as a software engineer in Switzerland. He later held several positions in research & development and general management, in Switzerland and Asia Pacific. He has put significant effort into finding a process to bring analog recordings to digital life without compromising the music. Both, for bringing the music with him as well as a means of backup should the vinyl disc ever get damaged. His wife Thinna, besides being an excellent cook and hobby gardener, enjoys listening to music just as much, and helps out with her translation skills, invaluable insights and advice, and administration efforts.


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